Hello and welcome to my website! I made this site just because i want tell every update on my videos. I mean if i make a video, i will put it to here and YouTube!! I gonna tell you something 'bout me:

When i was 3 years old, i got a mobile phone. I didn't know what is that but i learned it too quickly. I pressed "Menu" and "Games" and i played two hours the Snake II game. It was too easy for me. I saw the button "Options" and "Difficulty" and i changed it to medium. I played it five minutes and i learned it. Next i pressed "Menu" then "Mediaplayer" then "Play". It was weird, i heard my first song on my life. Then i saw "Volume" button! I changed the volume too high and i stopped the music.

Then i was five years old it was my birthdays. I got new phone. It was smartphone! I didn't see any buttons there, but then i pressed the screen and something happend. I was on Internet! Then i learned what is Google. It was easy because my big brother teach me. But i couldn't write anything. I was happy with my mom's laptop =)

Then came my birthdays number 8! I got everything!! Bugcatcher, bugtank, new computer bass speakers, new computer screen, everything useful things! Then we moved. I finally got my new own room!!

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